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Berry Stake


We provide highly secure, stable and trustworthy staking services. We also provide products related to custody service and MPC-based technologies. Our professional team strive to get you easily into the blockchain ecosystem without technical barrier.

Products & Services

Products and Services

Node Operation

Self-operation/agent service of mainstream blockchain nodes - 7*24 stable connection, building/monitoring/maintenance/external services

Crypto Asset Custody

Crypto asset custody technology research and product development

Community Operation

Community development (East Asia) - good connections with early investors, liquidity providers, and blockchain community enthusiasts

MPC Technology Research

Multi-party computing technology research and related security product development

Staking to Earn

Staking to Earn

BerryStake Lab has extensive experiences in running validation nodes. Token holders can get network rewards and jointly maintain network security through our staking. We will occasionally hold promotion activities. Stay tuned, to receive more rewards!
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Up to 40%~80%

About Us

BerryStake Lab gathers a group of blockchain technology enthusiasts and early investors in the Polkadot ecosystem. We are dedicated to building and operating nodes/validators/collators, and providing external services. We have a long-term focus on crypto asset security-related technologies, and try to integrate our crypto custody products and MPC-based products into the blockchain network.
About Us
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